Mobile POS Platform

What if?

  • You could control data as the CIO of your institution on mobile devices while...
  • Students are able to read and interact immediately logging in to their LMS and their SIS while...
  • A faculty member is able to send a message to a specific student or the whole class...

... all in real time.  And that's just the beginning.  Our mobile solutions enable your school to leverage your existing technology investments and mobilize any processes or information and place it at your constituents fingertips, with ease and instantaneously.

Benefits:  Information/Transactions Anytime, Anywhere


The CIO, the administration, the IT teams and even the budget office.

  • Control institutional data on user’s devices without interfering with their personal data
  • Control distribution and delivery of your apps based on well defined security policies.
  • Connect with your existing technology systems – LMS, SIS, ERP and other process, information & collaboration systems.
  • Any system runs on all the leading mobile devices that your users already use and love.


Welcome the digital student generation with a mobile platform: enables the mobile experience for the faculty to break down the walls of learning management systems integrated with any other application.

  • Creates an environment where students can be taught the way this generation learns.
  • Enables a collaborative environment via a mobile device.
  • Allows for instant communication to both students and administrators.
  • Enables grades to be accessed anywhere, anytime.
  • And much more...


Bring your own device and engage with your school using the technology & tools you love most.

  • Instant access,
  • Real time notifications,
  • And a lot more...