Who we are

Photo by Thomas Northcut/Digital Vision / Getty Images
Photo by Thomas Northcut/Digital Vision / Getty Images

NUEDUCATION Inc. is a technology management and consulting company based in Washington D.C that specializes in the planning, implementation, integration, management, and support of enterprise systems and student engagement solutions for institutions of higher education.  We have worked with more than 100 higher education organizations, schools, private corporations, and government globally.

We are passionate and committed to excellence in addressing the challenges and obstacles confronting institutions today, and preparing for the issues and trends that will impact higher education in the future.  

Our philosophy is based on the simple idea of providing quality and effective services that add value and produce positive outcomes for our clients.  Our clients choose and retain us because they value our responsiveness, openness, honesty, integrity, hard work, and smart teamwork.  That works great for us!


Our philosophy is to be an agnostic consulting company that has knowledge and alliances with a wide range of cutting edge and disruptive technologies.   

At NUEDUCATION, we build long-term relationships that focus on the unique needs of your organization or institution.   As your Trusted Advisor, we offer an unbiased and vendor-agnostic approach that serves only the interests of your institution with the objective of positioning you for the future while making the most of your existing investments.   Our Higher Ed consultants bring a breadth and depth of expertise in delivering large-scale integrated software solutions that will drive the realization and full potential of your initiatives.  

In any place where people are learning or training, in a school, a university campus, a workplace, a community, we have the knowledge necessary to advise and to maximize the learning experience and operational efficiency of your institution.


NUEDUCATION was born of an intense desire to improve the use of innovative technologies to help higher education institutions to be at their upmost level of performance.

In recent years, education has gone from being a concern, to be an emergency in which lies the future of our changing society and nations.  Increasingly, government and educational leaders are being identified as responsible for the improvement of our educational systems and for the need for increased retention, graduation rates, and meet the skills of the job market demands. 

Most executives would like to believe that they’re in charge of their organizations, that they make the crucial decisions and that when they decide that something should be done everyone snaps to and executes.  In practice, it is a company’s customers who effectively control what it can and cannot do.

-Clayton M. Christensen  “The Innovator’s Dilemma”


Our mission is to provide value-based consulting services that leverage our unique expertise and prove instrumental in the realization of an institution’s strategic vision while meeting the expectations of its administration, students, and faculty now and in the future.

Core Beliefs

  • Acting with Integrity
  • Collaborating and working as a team
  • Communicating openly and honestly
  • Leveraging the power of people
  • Solving problems through the eyes of our customers
  • Giving back and helping others
  • Working hard and playing even harder