Change Management

You are a forward thinker and have selected a progressive and strategic system on which to transform your organization.  But how do you make sure your organization is ready to embrace change and is set up for success?  Implementation service providers play a very important role in helping institutions realize the value of their current and new technologies.

NUEDUCATION offers comprehensive Change Management capabilities to support your transformation initiatives that include developing a strategy, approach, and plan that focuses on identifying the key change areas, impacts, stakeholders, and approaches that are fundamental elements to support change efforts.  

Judy ‘s support was crucial to achieving a successful migration and implementation of our learning management system at UPC. She helped us refine the negotiation with the vendor and get more services and improved applications. It is not only her professional knowledge, but more importantly, her personal qualities.
— Milagros Morgan Vicerrector of University Services Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas – UPC Peru