It’s ALL About the TEAM

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It all started when…

Judy was working with IT teams around the globe, and noticed that the business and IT were not working together in unison to fulfill organization’s goals. Often IT was a commodity, and the voices of the people that were actually doing the work were not heard. That’s when Nueducation was born.

We are a team of highly technical and talented people, that wants to be more than the requirements takers that only do the technical work.  How about being compensated for the essential role you play in moving company goals forward?   Receiving recognition and credit for the work?

At Nueducation, we’re that company that is disrupting the management and consulting space by having true Technologists in leadership roles.  Yes, the people that are doing the work on the projects, on-site, are part of the leadership team that creates the direction, chooses the work we do, and fulfill it.  It’s like DevOps for our own business. 

Want to learn more, apply to one of our positions advertised at Indeed or Dice, or send us your resume to, and we’ll make sure to connect with you within 48 hours.    

Our values:

  1. The team is greater than one person - we collaborate
  2. We're a learning company
  3. Failure is good, and success is even better
  4. We work hard and we're compensated equally
  5. How can we - is a constant